So, it’s been 2 years since I launched the CHIC Experience and let’s just say it was one of the best advertising things I ever did for my business. In 2017 alone it was my busiest event season to date. I averaged a little more than 1 event per month and executed 19 events, 4 of them full service weddings. That’s major for a planner whom has 1 foot inside Corporate America and the other foot outside in Entrepreneur world.

2017 professionally treated me like a queen. 2017 personally took me on an internal roller coaster of personal transition where my crown started to fall off. Celebrating people’s joyous occasions are not ideal when internally your entire world is upside down. Everything feels like it is caving in on you, and you honestly don’t know if you are coming or going. Because I am a private person and a professional, I never allowed my personal business to interfere with my professional business.

After spending the last year in an entire hidden personal funk, I decided enough was enough and it was time to intentionally implement change in all areas of my life. So, for the new year I declared it the year of intention. New Year, New Moon, New Beginnings. So much growth and newly gained focus and purpose has been revealed to me this year.

Now that my work can speak for itself, its time I started speaking more about myself. My service package attracts the client; however, I know my quirky, down to earth, all straight (whiskey) no chaser personality closes the deal. I am Monica Renee, Owner and Event Artisan of Socially CHIC Events and I am coming into my own. My feet are wet and acclimated to the water and now it’s time to brand myself alongside my brand. Building and maintaining a business is hard work. Operating a business is hard work. Doing all of the above and working for someone else is hard work. But because I enjoy it I’ll never put my dreams to the side. Follow my professional and personal journey within my business by following my Instagram and Talk is CHIC blog.