While brainstorming with a few good girlfriends I decided I was going to do a style shoot. But as
I began penning out my thoughts, all of my over-the-topness (It’s going to be a word today) kicked in and I decided that if my ultimate goal was to showcase my planning and event design skills, what better way to do so then to invite the audience to experience it. I had my AH-HA moment, and the CHIC Experience was born.

So what is the CHIC Experience? The CHIC Experience is a well-organized, smooth flowing,
opulent event. It is the top tiered full-service package that includes elements from all of our go to preferred vendors.

On April 9, 2016 I launched The CHIC Experience by unveiling it to a special handpicked VIP audience. This audience consisted of small business owners, local event industry professionals, previous and existing clients, couples and individuals I wanted to work with, and supportive friends and family.

The vibe was Miami nights cocktail chic! Our all white draped VIP cabana lounge was a huge hit. The layout included highboy cocktail tables scattered throughout the room in-between decorative formal banquet tables accented with chaivari chairs. For our tablescapes, charger plates and linen napkins were a classy accessory to the candlelit centerpieces that illuminated the tables. Mood changing up lighting kept up with the vibe in the room. One of our resident DJ’s played grown folks good music from beginning to end.

As for our CHIC eats, there were live chef pasta stations, a mashed potato martini bar, and the petite appetizer and dessert buffet was trendy, visually appealing, and most importantly delicious! The complimentary signature libation bar loosened our guests up on the dance floor where they remained for the majority of the night. Our branded décor stood out as the perfect accent inside our cabana lounge. From our branded accent pillows to our logo’d coffee table, cocktail centerpieces, step & repeat backdrop, swag bags, and uniformed Socially CHIC staff; it was clear you were in attendance at a Socially CHIC Event.

This stylish turn-up was everything I wanted it to be. It was a solid turn out and all our guests had amazing positive feedback about their CHIC Experience. It’s been 2 years and people still inquire when I plan on having another. The real question is, when do you plan on booking your own CHIC Experience?

View video of CHIC Experience